“Cait was a pleasure to work with! Her poignant writing style captured our brand’s story in a unique and accessible way. I was so inspired by her enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism.” – Katherine Bacino, NY Community Coordinator & Rangoli Editor, Yogasmoga

“Cait is extremely organized. She sets expectations very well and meets them. She is also very clear with how she works and what she expects, which I appreciate. With her writing, she has been able to breathe life into the mundane.” – Andrew Hughes, Director of Digital Marketing, Crown & Caliber

“Cait is so wonderful to work with. If you need someone to thoroughly think through a project and bring it to fruition, she’s your girl. When she commits to something, she does it and does it well. Not only that, but also she’s easy to work with, quick to respond, and cares deeply about her work. I look forward to working with her again soon.” – Maggie, Designer & Founder of Maggie Modena

"Cait was so good to work with. She was very responsive and had excellent follow-through, which can be hard to come by these days. She also showed great creativity in helping Lionsgate Entertainment promote our film, The Age of Adaline!" – Lara Bogenrief, Publicist

“We’re reminded of how lucky we are when others are just as excited to take part in our ‘World Culture, Southern Style’ mantra.” – The Eide Team, Eide Magazine

“I've loved my time working with Cait. She is not only an excellent stylist but also a smart writer and promoter. Our work together has benefited my style and career in many ways, and I can’t wait to see what future projects she'll put her mark on.” – Erica Bryan, Singer/Songwriter

“It’s always a blast working with Cait. She's extremely passionate about what she does and brings that passion to every project she’s a part of. Cait is very attune to what’s going on in the fashion world, and she draws inspiration from such a variety of places that you know whatever she does is going to have a unique vision and slick execution that's all her own. Cait brings her enthusiasm for what she does into each phase of the process, from planning to execution, and this ensures that everything she creates is the best it can be.” – Angie Webb, founder of Angie Webb Creative

“Cait is the ultimate professional. She's not only an expert in style but also branding and promotion. She consulted with our band Amsterdam Station leading up to the release of our sophomore album ‘Stories from the Subtext.’ Our band photos turned out amazing. She also helped promote our album release party and showed up to our album release party an hour early to make sure the band was dressed for success. We sold out the show and have seen a big up-tick in our social media following.” – Chris Connelly, Vocalist/Guitarist, Amsterdam Station

"Cait played a key role in our re-branding process. She listened to our goals and understood it was crucial that our site content reflect and speak to our target market. Cait also did an outstanding job with our blog and social media. Her recommendations resulted in direct traffic to our pages and business to our company. She's a great communicator and always delivers work with attention to detail and deadlines." – Jim Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing, Precision Stoneworks

“Cait helped establish a clear and distinct look for us as a band. She was able to polish off the rough edges of yesteryear and deliver an image where we each presented our own unique style and still remained true to the minimalist design and color palette the band hoped to establish. Her attention to detail and fashion forward suggestions truly helped drive the band’s image in a positive direction.” – Greg Jarvis, Vocalist/Bassist/Guitarist, Amsterdam Station

“Cait has got it all! She’s an excellent communicator and writer, and she’s such a strong supporter of my business – it’s a no-brainer to work with her. She’s professional and organized yet knows no bounds with creativity and fun! – Jocelyn Negron, founder of Must Love Sparkle

“Cait is super straightforward to work with. She gives clear direction for her vision on a project, and I love people like that!” – Sonali Prabhu, founder of So Narly